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Get the most of Your business IBAN account today

With Nexpay:
  • Make and collect EUR payments like on any other EUR bank account.
  • Pay As You Go pricing, tailored to your business needs.

Why choose Nexpay Business?

  • EUR transfers in 36 countries

    Incoming and outgoing SEPA transfers in EUR with no transmission delays

  • Fastest payments between exchanges

    Move your funds between exchanges faster than ever

  • Integrate all features via API

    This is the ultimate infrastructure for your digital asset business

In partnership with

Nexpay partner 1
Nexpay partner 2
Nexpay partner 3
Nexpay partner 4


Nexpay partner

Salt Edge’s Authenticator app for strong customer authentication (SCA) compliance.

Nexpay secur 1

The funds are ultimately secure as being kept in the European Central bank system.

Nexpay secur 2

Services provided in accordance with PSD2 requirements.

Pricing simplified


50 €/month


150 €/month


1000 €/month

Account opening




Deposits to Globitex trading account from Nexpay

Withdrawals from Globitex trading account to Nexpay

Payments to other Nexpay accounts

Payments from other Nexpay accounts

Priority support

Incoming payments (SEPA)

0.05% of payment amount, min. 1€

0.15% of payment amount + 1.5€


Outgoing payments (SEPA)

0.05% of payment amount, min. 1€

0.15% of payment amount + 1.5€


Account balance fee

0.05% per month on overnight balances charged daily, min. 0.01€

0.1% per month on overnight balances charged daily, min. 0.01€


what our clients say

client photo Charlie Meraud
Charlie Meraud


Nexpay has been a trusted partner for our Euro operations for months now. Their solution fits with your expectation as a Market Maker in the crypto field and comes with a very competitive pricing.

client photo Juan David Mendieta
Juan David Mendieta


Nexpay has a seamless integration between European banking services and Digital asset exchange, this provides us with high versatility and helps us optimise flows of capital.

client photo Innokenty Isers
Innokenty Isers

Founder & CEO

Nexpay is a trustworthy and reliable payments solution, which allows us to provide high quality service to our clients. Moreover SEPA transfers are lightning fast and customer support is really helpful!

client photo Dejan Davidovic
Dejan Davidovic

COO, board member

Nexpay team is everything you expect from a fin-tech company. Reliable, fast and always focused on solutions.


Nexpay team is building next generation financial infrastructure for the digital business world. We are ensuring that digital companies are no longer required to have a bank account at a legacy financial institution to do their business. You can build your digital business using the Nexpay dedicated IBANs and seamless payments. On top of that, all of these functions are available for integration into your business flow via API, making this the ultimate infrastructure for your digital business. Join Nexpay, the ultimate payments infrastructure provider.


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