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About Nexpay

Nexpay provides banking infrastructure for digital businesses and individuals. Created by a team of banking and digital assets industry veterans, Nexpay’s mission is to build innovative, reliable, and secure financial solutions for your business ambitions.

Nexpay offers the ability to seamlessly transition between fiat and digital currencies, as well as provides a number of payments and accounts products. Our API allows our clients businesses to provide financial services to their customers, allowing us to provide Banking as a Service. There is a wide variety of use cases we have seen for our services - digital assets business, crypto exchanges, payments providers, law offices, forex brokers and many more.

We pride ourselves on the compliance and security part of our services, but also invest a lot to improve the client experience and product features.


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Uldis Tēraudkalns photo

Uldis holds a Master’s degree in Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics and counts more than a decade of experience working in finance as well as managing venture investment.

Uldis Tēraudkalns


Evelina Bulgak photo

A vast experience in operational and financial management makes Evelina a perfect choice for building the company’s financial strategy and mitigating relevant risks.

Evelina Bulgak


Sofian Berrahal photo

With extensive sales & management experience within the financial industry, Sofian specializes in commercial expansions and scaling up businesses.

Sofian Berrahal


Monika Kriūnaitė photo

Monika has over a decade of experience in providing legal assistance with a focus on fintech companies through various roles.

Monika Kriūnaitė

Board Member

Gabrielius Erikas Bilkštys photo

Experienced in Fintech and Compliance. Expert in navigating the regulatory landscape and coordinating the team.

Gabrielius Erikas Bilkštys


Kristaps Gromovs photo

Has worked on Blockhain projects since 2013 and is the master behind Nexpay’s infrastructure.

Kristaps Gromovs




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