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Why is Nexpay the best business bank account for digital businesses?

Nexpay provides financial infrastructure for digital businesses. Our main service currently is corporate bank accounts - IBAN accounts for EUR SEPA payments in Europe. We also offer a convenient API connection that allows our clients to process large transaction volumes through their business accounts. We are currently working to expand our service offering with more currencies and payment options. Nexpay was created by a team of banking and digital asset veterans with the goal to provide reliable, secure, and innovative financial services.

You might be asking yourself - Why should I choose Nexpay business bank account from all the online banking providers? We collected feedback from our customers to find the most popular reasons why business clients choose Nexpay as their corporate banking provider.

Reliable financial service provider

Firstly, Nexpay is an established and reliable financial service provider. Since 2017 we have served more than 600 businesses and processed transactions worth more than €7 billion.

EMI License

The legal entity Nexpay UAB (registration code 304708124) is an authorized Electronic Money Institution (EMI) holding a license from the Bank of Lithuania (license No. 18). This means that Nexpay as an EMI abides by strict financial regulation, and reports to the Bank of Lithuania. All the customer funds are kept in segregated client accounts in the Bank of Lithuania, in the European Central Bank system.

Competitive pricing

Nexpay offers straightforward and competitive pricing. We pride ourselves on being a market leader in cost-effectiveness, and our prices constantly are some of the lowest in the industry.

Understanding of digital businesses

Nexpay understands digital businesses. We have roots in the digital assets business, and our team has experience working in and servicing this industry. In fact, we have spent significant time working with companies from innovative industries. We understand the different business models of digital businesses and are better positioned to serve their needs than traditional banks. They often are hesitant to serve these businesses, because of their lack of understanding, and overestimated risk levels of these industries.

Quick to adapt

As of the beginning of 2023, we are an agile company of 50+ people. We are able to move fast to improve customer experience with new features and services, where we identify a need for them.

High security

The Nexpay services are also known for their high level of IT security. We abide by all the best practices, as well as follow trends and try to put in place all the latest security systems, to be able to make our system as safe as possible. Even if extra security measures might make certain actions longer on our website, the safety of our customers' funds is our priority.


We are business customer-focused, and our team of experienced account managers and onboarding specialists are here to help you set up a business account as fast as possible. Since we have to abide by strict KYC and AML processes, setting up corporate banking might take a bit longer than some other providers claim. We suggest being responsive and collaborative to our information requests to speed up the process. We also provide priority onboarding service to speed up the business account opening in urgent cases.

Even though the onboarding process might feel a bit tedious, please bear in mind that it needs to be thorough. Especially at the beginning, we want to spend time understanding our clients' business in depth, so afterwards we have to disturb the business operations as little as possible. Ultimately this process is there to ensure that we don't serve any companies with illegitimate funds. The process is the same for every company, so you can be sure that Nexpay will only provide corporate banking to legitimate companies.

The blog article “How to choose a business bank account for your digital business?” gives more insight in the process of choosing a business banking provider.

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