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How to use the multi-login feature

Nexpay Multi login feature We have launched a new feature for our clients! Multi-login allows clients to share access to their business account with their business associates. It allows users to securely share access to the sensitive financial data with team members, and they will be able to login using their own credentials. For example, it might be useful to add an accountant who needs to get statements from the account or make payments. It's possible to grant access in a read-only or full access mode, and users can be added from the settings page of the account owner.

To give access, follow the steps below. This will only work from the account of the current account owner!

  • Log in to your Nexpay account, and go to the settings page of your Nexpay account.
  • Navigate to the “Users” section of the settings page.
  • Fill out the information about the user that you want to add:
    • Name and Last name
    • E-mail
    • Phone number
    • Position in the company
    • Choose what kind of access do you wish to enable to the new user:
      • “Read-only” - the user will only be able to view transactions and export payment documents and overviews.
      • “Full access” - the user will be able to view everything and make payments. This includes the Nexdesk platform, if it has been connected.
      • “Disabled” - choose this, if you change your mind, and want to completely remove the user's access to the account.
    • Click “Save”, and the request will be submitted to us.

After the submission, our team will review the request and reach out to you, if they need any additional documents to enable the access:

  • For read-only cases nothing else will be needed. After enabling the access to the new user, they will receive the email and only need to create a separate password for them and login to the account.
  • For a full account access there is an additional procedure. The account owner will need to specify via our support whether the user is already an authorized representative and, if not, send power of attorney for them. The new user would need to do a video identification. Only then the application will be evaluated and, if everything is in order, approved.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this feature or our services in general, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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