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Information checklist for Business account signup

Nexpay Business account information checklist

There is some important information, which you need to submit, to open a business account with Nexpay. We will do our best to understand your business and needs, yet, the more detailed and diligent you will be, the easier it will be to go through the process. We prefer to ask for information upfront to allow you to run your operations without interruptions.

To speed up the process and to allow you to gather all information before starting the signup, we have summarized the needed information for you.

You will need to submit the following information:

  • General information
    • Legal name
    • Trading name
    • Legal form
    • Registration number
    • LEI code (if available)
    • Date of incorporation
    • Registered address
    • Business activity address
    • Other information about company (contact information, etc)
  • Representative legal status
  • Structure
    • Information about directors/executives - name, ID number, address, contact details
    • Ownership structure
    • Information about shareholders
    • Information about UBOs (Ultimate Beneficial Owners) - name, ID number, address, contact details
  • Business profile
    • Activities/industries the company participates in
    • Description of product/services
    • NACE business code
    • Need of license, subject to local AML/TCF requirements
    • Associated business geographies
    • Source of funds
    • Last year's revenue (EUR)
    • Current/next year's revenue (EUR)
    • Value of assets (EUR)
    • % of total/gross revenue from non core business activities (interest, dividends, royalties, etc)
  • Account usage
    • Main motivation for opening an account
    • Does the company have an account in another financial institution?
    • Types of needed payment services
    • For incoming/outgoing payments
      • Details about expected payments (locations, reasons of payments)
      • Countries from which will receive or make payments
      • Average number of transactions
      • Average value per transaction
      • Total expected value of transactions
      • Main partners and countries
  • Exchange
    • Is access to Globitex crypto exchange needed?
    • Main motivation of wanting to open a trading account
    • Currencies to fund the account
    • Withdrawing the cryptocurrencies outside Globitex
  • Legal confirmations
    • PEP/RCA (Politically Exposed Person/Relative or Close Associate) for any of the entity related subjects
    • USA residents for any of the entity related subjects
    • Agreement to Nexpay group terms & conditions, etc

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