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Nexpay CEO on cryptocurrency industry in 2021

Nexpay CEO Uldis Teraudkalns 2021

Nexpay’s CEO, Uldis Teraudkalns, is emerging as a leading voice in the digital assets industry when it comes to regulation, ecosystem development, startup culture, and generally having a good read of the crypto pulse.

We have compiled some recent highlights if you want to find out more, with links to each full article and some brief descriptions.

In August of 2021, Uldis gave an in-depth interview to Thrive Global about the cryptocurrency industry, also touching on his background and how he got started in the industry. The topics included:

  • Top strategies that crypto firms should consider to have a stronger competitive edge
  • 3 exciting and 3 worrying things about the blockchain industry
  • 5 things that can be done to improve and reform the cryptocurrency industry

For an insight on the current popularity of cryptocurrencies vs legacy finance, as well as “blockwash” and what future might hold for decentralized finance, read this NASDAQ article from November 2021.

Check out this November 2021 guest blog on Finextra to learn more about what needs to be done to ensure better security in blockchain technology.

The accessibility of cryptocurrencies, control of the industry and the compatibility of the industry with the traditional banking system was covered by a different Finextra guest blog by Uldis from the December 2021.

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