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Walkthrough of the Nexpay business bank account

Nexpay platform walkthrough blog

We want to give more insight into how the Nexpay platform works, to help new users better navigate our corporate banking features. Since there have been a lot of changes in our platform this year, this article might also be useful to our existing clients to discover new features.

We plan to update this blog article regularly, to reflect all up-to-date features. If you have any suggestions or questions about this article, please send us an email at [email protected].

Accounts section

Nexpay platform accounts section

In the first view that you see after logging in, you can see an overview of your IBAN accounts and balances. It also contains shortcuts to different payment types, which lead to the relevant subsections of the Payments section.


Nexpay platform payments section

As the name indicates, in this Nexpay section you can make payments to different types of accounts:

A single payment is for a usual SEPA payment, including transfers between different Nexpay accounts. Batch payment can be used to execute many payments at the same time. You can use this for example, for salary payments or executing multiple client transactions, with the help of a CSV file. This way you can process up to 50 transactions in one go, only keep in mind that the CSV document needs to be formatted in a certain way. You can find the full instructions in the batch payment section. The internal transfer is for payments between your accounts. This can also be done through the single payment interface, but in this section, we have made a simpler interface to make it more convenient.


Nexpay platform history section

In this section, you can see the past payments that have been processed on this account, and download account statements in PDF format. You can filter the transactions by account, transaction types (deposit, withdrawal, internal transfer, transfer between accounts, or commission), and time.

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