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Nexpay introduces SWIFT payments

We have enhanced our service offering by adding SWIFT payments in 23 currencies. This strategic move caters to the evolving needs of digital businesses worldwide and advances Nexpay's ambition to bring innovative and secure financial solutions to the forefront.

Our latest service expansion aligns with the global industry's shift towards cross-border payments transformation, allowing customers to leverage SWIFT's secure, efficient, and universal payment infrastructure. Initially focusing on EUR transactions via the SEPA payment system, we have now enhanced its offerings to include multi-currency payment orders through the SWIFT network. This development opens up a world of possibilities for Nexpay clients, who can now seamlessly process payments in a wide range of currencies, including USD, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, and many more. The automatic conversion feature ensures hassle-free transactions, as funds are effortlessly converted into their respective EUR accounts.

"Digital businesses need transactional banking, where the focus is merely on enabling them to receive and make payments safely, cost-effectively, and simply. In the face of the evolving landscape of cross-border payments, our move to include SWIFT payments reinforces our commitment to a banking model prioritising simplicity, safety, and cost-effectiveness, enabling digital businesses to flourish without unnecessary frills and risks,"

Uldis Tēraudkalns, CEO of Nexpay.

Our commitment to security and compliance remains paramount in our service expansion. As an authorised EMI with a license from the Bank of Lithuania, we ensure stringent adherence to regulations and consistent reporting to the supervisory authority. With a focus on continuous improvement of client experience and product features, we have processed over €7 billion in transactions across 42 countries to date.

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