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Nexpay referral program

We offer an attractive revenue share model for interested parties who are willing to refer business clients to Nexpay.

Send us your company name, website, industry, and what kind of clients you will be referring, and we will reach out to you as soon as we can.

[email protected]

How the referral program works

Sign up

Submit information about your business and the clients you're looking to refer

Sign the agreement

We will send you a referral agreement to review and sign

Share link and earn fees

You will receive your unique referral link to share and get a revenue share from each successfully onboarded client

Why refer Nexpay?

Highly demanded service

Our financial services provide a unique fit for digital assets and other “high-risk” industries. Nevertheless, we are regulated and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania and have a strict AML policy

Competitive revenue share

Our competitive revenue share offer allows you to earn a part of the referred clients' fees for three years

Professional client service

Our professional team will make sure that your clients receive the highest quality service


Nexpay offer for businesses




SEPA payments


Low fees


API integration


EU-based license



Sign up for the Nexpay referral program

Please send an e-mail to [email protected], and we will reach out to you as soon as we can. To speed up the process, please include your company name, website, industry and what kind of clients you will be referring.

Frequently asked questions

Nexpay is a reliable partner and helps to provide banking infrastructure to digital businesses. We have experience with working with businesses connected with digital assets and other traditionally “high-risk” industries. Popular use cases are businesses that receive requests for banking recommendations. For example, Law offices, brokers, and other businesses that help customers to set up businesses.
Nexpay is providing services in many countries across the world. You can check them in the List Of Accepted Jurisdictions For Corporate Clients.
There are certain industries with which we are not allowed to work with, and some which classify as high risk. You can see them in the list of prohibited and high-risk industries. Depending on the evaluation we will still be able to work with most of the high-risk industries. It would be advisable to concentrate on companies that are not on these lists if you have such a possibility.
We only accept referrals for business clients.
You will receive the money for each client after they have finished onboarding, and when they incur any fees.
The revenue share holds for each attracted client for 3 years. You can find out the precise revenue share percentage in the agreement.
You will receive the payments for all your referred clients to your chosen bank account each month. If the sum in a given month doesn't reach 100 EUR, then it's paid when it reaches that threshold.
It’s your unique referral link. The clients need to register through this link so that we can attribute them to you. It will look like this: https://paynexpay.com/join/D5yvOGut4p71NsX
If you have any more questions about our partner program, please reach out to [email protected]

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