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Life at Nexpay

Nexpay is one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in the Baltics providing a premium banking service for the digital assets industry. Working here, you will be part of a dynamic mix of people with different backgrounds, skills, experiences, and passionate minds.

If you are looking for just a boring job that pays ok, this is not for you. In Nexpay, life is challenging, unpredictable & forgiving when it comes to mistakes, but not carelessness. Join our team on this exciting ride!

Don’t see a position that suits you right now? Write us a message to [email protected]

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Meet nexers

Monika Kriūnaitė photo
Monika Kriūnaitė

Board Member

We are working in a very exciting field, and this position feels like a daily adventure. Regulations are always changing, and in a rapidly developing startup like Nexpay, we must think about ways that compliance can work to propel the business instead of slowing it down. I find these challenges very rewarding and motivating.

Justina Saladuniene photo
Justina Saladuniene

KYC Team Lead

Work at Nexpay is never boring, it's very dynamic and challenging. I love this kind of setup as it makes you learn quickly, and pushes you to do better. This gives you a great feeling of accomplishment when you reach the set results. It's great to be in an environment where colleagues have a similar ambitious mindset and like to have a good time!

Nikita Pinin photo
Nikita Pinin

Product Manager

Nexpay is a very exciting place to work, as it presents a lot of interesting challenges for me as a product manager, as well as allows me to get to know the specifics of the financial industry. Also, the colleagues are very talented and motivated and make it fun to work here.

about Nexpay

About Nexpay

Nexpay provides banking infrastructure for digital businesses and individuals. Created by a team of banking and digital assets industry veterans, Nexpay’s mission is to build innovative, reliable, and secure financial solutions for your business ambitions.

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